For more than fifty years, the Rancho Chamber has been committed to shaping our region by connecting the community’s business interests with civic and community leaders to plan for a prosperous future. Your Chamber is an active and engaged champion for policy initiatives and candidates who advance the region’s economic climate, quality of life, and support our community.

The Chamber understands that there is a direct relationship between a business’s bottom line and the decisions made by elected leaders at every level of government. As the chamber’s government “watch dog,” we have a responsibility to be actively engaged in our community, influencing public policy and the outcome of elections.

Relationships with City & Regional Officials
A prosperous business community is at heart of a strong community. Local business drives jobs and sales taxes generated by business contribute to valuable city services. Chamber leaders meet regularly with City officials to keep Rancho Cordova a great place to do business. We are proud of the strong bonds we have developed over the years and acknowledge the business vision incorporated in our City values.

We work diligently to develop and maintain strong relationships with all of our elected representatives. Our goal has always been to advocate for what is in the best interest of our members through collaboration and open discussion.

Elected Officials

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Government Relations Committee

The Chamber's Government Relations Committee is an advocate for our members' interests at the city, county, state and federal levels. The committee is responsible for monitoring issues directly impacting the mission of the Rancho Cordova Chamber and effect the success of the majority of Chamber members.

The Chair and Committee members are appointed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Rancho Cordova Chamber and ratified by the full board. Additionally, we welcome the input of our elected officials and their representatives. Elected officials/representatives are non-voting members who keep the committee and board up-to-date on important and relevant issues impacting our membership.

Specifically, your Government Relations Committee:
  • Works directly with legislators to support or oppose legislation impacting our membership
  • Recommends the endorsement of specific for city council, regional, state and federal offices
  • May advocate for individual members
  • Recommends positions on local and state measures
  • Identifies and trains potential candidates for public service
  • Sponsors candidate forums
  • Sponsors the annual Elected Officials Reception

Elected Officials Reception

Your Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual Elected Officials Reception. Each year we identify a local business to showcase and serve as a venue to meet our new and returning elected representatives. The event provides community and business leaders the opportunity to share ideas and solutions to current issues.

The Rancho Cordova business region is a thriving area represented by nearly two dozen elected representatives. The City of Rancho Cordova is served by one member of Congress, two California State Senators, five members of the City Council, four school districts, a park district and more. Also attending are senior City staff as well as appointed local and regional representatives.

Best part! -- No speeches and no media, just an opportunity to meet and discuss issues impacting Rancho Cordova and your business. This event is typically hosted in July to accommodate the Congressional calendar.

If you are interested in the event, please contact Chamber President & CEO, Diann Rogers at or 916.273.5700

Business Issues

In late 2017, your Chamber joined with other local chambers in the greater Sacramento region to form the United Chamber Advocacy Network (U-CAN). In 2018, the UCAN Chambers took positions on over 30 individual bills consistent with the identified priorities of our members. The Legislature concurred with UCAN positions 60% of the time and just one UCAN opposed bill was signed into law by Governor Brown. By working to develop a proactive, pro-small business, state-level policy agenda grounded in our members’ experience and perspective, we effectively influence the legislators who represent our communities at the State Capitol. By working with our lobbying team at Advocacy and Management Group in Sacramento, we can influence the Legislature as a whole – advancing our shared agenda before legislators, staff and committees. We also work closely with the California State Chamber on issues and legislation directly impacting business. Some issues of importance to our Rancho Cordova Chamber membership.
    • ADA Reform
    • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
    • Education
    • Environmental Regulation
    • Health Care Reform
    • Insurance and Unemployment Insurance
    • Labor and Employment
    • Legal Reform
    • Product Regulation
    • Taxation/Budget
    • Tourism
    • Transportation
    • Water
    • Workers' Compensation

Rancho Cordova PAC

RCPAC is a non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC) involved in influencing the outcome of elections impacting local businesses and the prosperity of our community

Membership dues cannot be used for campaign contributions, so RCPAC was established to serve the political interests of its members. Contributions are used to support candidates and initiative determined to grow and protect our local economy.

Positions and or endorsements are proposed by the voting members of the Chamber’s Government Relations Committee. Once that position or endorsement has been approved by the full board of directors of the Rancho Cordova Chamber, the board of the RCPAC may be instructed to develop a plan to advocate for or against a candidate or initiative.

We encourage candidates to approach the committee and request our endorsement. The Government Relations Committee may ask candidates requesting our endorsement to fill out a policy position questionnaire and participate in an interview.

Statewide and local ballot measures are evaluated based on their potential impact on business in California and in Rancho Cordova.

Please contact Chamber President & CEO, Diann Rogers at or 916.273.5700 for more information.